Garena Free Fire: Rampage has quickly become one of mobile's most popular shooters worldwide, and that's just a fact. People all over are loving Free Fire's unique approach to battle royale, and it's something you should pay attention to.

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This game has an interesting take on the formula, with a long list of characters you can earn, unlock, and play as, each with their own abilities which will change your overall strategies and the way you play.

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Sounds complicated at first, but things are simple when you see exactly what each character does in detail. Which is exactly what we have here - using this list you will easily be able to check and assess each and every character in Garena Free Fire: Rampage.

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You will find their description, their abilities, and what their abilities do below, in addition to how you can unlock the premium characters, with either the method or cost on the right. Let us know which Garena Free Fire character you'll be playing as in the comments below!

Name Description Ability Ability desc. Unlock cost
 Andrew Andrew was once a police officer.  Armor Specialist - Passive Vest durability loss decreased by 2%  Free 
 Eve Believed to be the first woman to walk this eath. Legend has it that she could change their skin color at will to increase their chances of survival.  Free 
 Adam Believed to be the first man to walk this eath. Legend has it that he could change their skin color at will to increase their chances of survival.  - Free 
 Wolfrahh Wolfrahh is a game streamer and esport player.  Limelight - Passive  With every additional observer or kill: Damage taken from headshots decreases by 3%, up to 25%. Damage to enemy's limbs increases by 3% up to 15%  Luck Royale
 Kapella Kapella is a popular pop singer and star.  Healing Song - Passive  Increase effects of healing items by 10% and healing skills by 10%. Reduce ally HP loss when downed by 20%. Effects do not stack.  499 
 Steffie Steffie is a pro graffiti artist.  Painted Refuge - Active  Create a graffiti that reduces explosive damage by 15% and bullet damage by 5% for 5 seconds. CD 45 seconds.  499 
 Jota Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman. Sustained Raids - Passive  SMG or Shotgun kills will instantly restore 25HP, cool down 5 seconds.  499 
 Notora Notora is a tomboyish motorcycle gang member.  Racer's Blessing - Passive When driving a vehicle, restore HP to all members on the vehicle by 5 HP every 4.5s. Effects do not stack.  499 
 Alvaro Alvaro is a wild but skilled demolitionist.  Art of Demolition - Passive  Explosive weapon damage increases by 6%, damage range increases by 7%.  499 
 Shani Shani is an engineer who works at a junkyard.  Gear Recycle - Passive  Restore 10 armor durability after every kill. Extra durability can upgrade your armor, up to level 3.  499 
 Alok Alok is a world famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.  Drop the Beat - Active  Create an 5m aura that increase ally movement speed by 10% and restore 5 HP/s for 5s. Cannot be stacked.  599 
 A124 A124 is a robot made with modern technology.  Thrill of Battle - Active  Quickly convert 25 EP into HP, CD 90s.  499 
 Joseph Joseph is a well-known physicist, but he is also a player.  Nutty Movement - Passive  Moving and Sprinting speed increased by 10% upon taking damage.  Top up reward 
 Laura Laura is an outstanding special agent.  Sharp Shooter - Passive  Accuracy increased by 10 while scoped in  499 
 Rafael Rafael is a deadly kiler.  Dead Silent - Active  Gunshots hidden on the map for 8s, CD 90s.  499 
 Moco Moxo is an outstanding hacker.  Hacker's Eye - Passive  Tag enemies shot for 2 seconds. Info will be shared with teammates.  499 
 Hayato Hayato is a legendary Samurai  Bushido - Passive  With every 10% decrease in maximum HP, armor penetration increases by 7.5%  499 
 Caroline A schoolgirl from an extremely wealthy family.  Agility - Passive  When holding a shotgun, movement speed is increased by 3%.  499 
 Wukong Monkey King is Here!  Camouflage - Passive  Camouflage's cool down is 300s. Can only be used while standing.  499 
 Paloma Paloma is the reigning arms queen of the underworld.  Arms-dealing - Passive  30 AR ammo will not take up inventory space.  499 
 Maxim Maxim is a competitive eater.  Gluttony - Passive  Eating and using med kits faster by 2%  499 
 Kla Kla is a renowned Muay Thai practitioner.  Muay Thai - Passive  Fist damage increased 100%  499 
 Miguel Miguel is the commander of a section in the special forces.  Crazy Slayer - Passive  Gain 30 EP for each kill  499 
 Antonio Antonio was an orphan who grew up to be a gangster.  Gangster's Spirit - Passive  Receive 10 extra HP when the round starts.  499 
 Misha Misha is an extremely talented racer.  Afterburner - Passive  Driving speed increased by 2%, damage taken while in a vehicle decreased by 5%  499 
 Nikita Nikita works as a professional bodyguard.  Firearms Expert - Passive  Submachine gun reloard faster by 4%  199 
 Kelly Kelly is an athlete, a sprinter.  Dash - Passive  Sprinting speed increased by 1%  199 
 Olivia Chief nurse of a renowned hospital.  Healing Touch - Passive  Revived players will be revived with extra 6 HP  199 
 Ford Ford is trained at sea and extremely tough.  Irron Will - Passive  Reduce damage when outside safe zone by 4%  199